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Shadow of the Cat

In the TWO EXPERT LEVELS of "Shadow of the Cat" Lara returns to the city of Khamoon to discover the secret of the strangely beautiful cat statue, and sets off on a new adventure following the trail of the cat to it's deadly and mysterious conclusion. "The cat statue discovered in the original game triggered off a series of ideas - what if Lara returned to Khamoon to investigate?....what if the ruins had become flooded?.....what if the cat statue actually pointed the way to an undiscovered tomb - dedicated to the legendary Egyptian cat-goddesses? - we developed a story with a very strong cat motif, in murals, in hieroglyphics, benevolent cats that guide, malevolent cats out for your blood! Puzzles were developed based on the Egyptian interpretation of the 'nine lives of the cat' - so you KNOW that you're not going to have much luck with Seth's room!" -Philip Campbell

info was gatherd from the Tomb Raider home page


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