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Lara the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, was raised to be an

aristocrat from birth. After attending finishing school at the age of

21, Lara's marriage into wealth had seemed assured, but on her way

home from a skiing trip her chartered plane had crashed deep in the

heart of the Himalayas. The only survivor, Lara learned how to depend

on her wits to stay alive in hostile conditions a world away from her

sheltered upbringing. Two weeks later when she walked into the

village of Tokakeriby her experiences had had a profound effect on

her. Unable to stand the claustrophobic suffocating atmosphere of

upper-class British society, she realised that she was only truly

alive when she was travelling alone.

Over the eight following years she acquired an intimate knowledge of

ancient civilisations across the globe. Her family soon disowned

their prodigal daughter, and she turned to writing to fund her trips.

Famed for discovering several ancient sites of profound

archaeological interest she made a name for herself by publishing

travel books and detailed journals of her exploits.