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Shes everywhere!!!

TOMB RAIDER 3!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally here!! Lara Croft is back and she swings back into action in Tomb Raider 3 with new moves and outfits. Tomb Raider 3 takes Lara into many new areas, including London, India, Area51, and a South Seas island. The game starts you out in India and from there you can choose Lara's fate, and the ending to the game.

Lara now can sprint and crawl, but she can only sprint for a limited time because here running capability is measured on a power meter.


I only hope that Tomb Raider 3 lives up to all the hype it is suppose to. I myself was extremly disopointed in the last tomb raider, not because of the action or the game play, but because of the storyline. I didn't like the storyline for the simple reason that it didn't have one. I just wanted someone to tell me why Lara wanted to go look for this dagger and how in the hell, after the hundreds of years, that the Great wall of China had been there, that only Lara Croft noticed the big hole in the top and the stupid doors and lockes on it!!!

I hope Tomb Raider 3 makes me want to keep playing and playing until I have mastered the game, like the first.