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Unfinished Business

UNFINISHED "Unfinished Business" provides TWO EXPERT LEVELS of Lara's dramatic return to Atlantis - Lara has discovered the existence of a ruined segment of the alien city, allegedly containing a hive of surviving creatures guarding an alien hatchery. In this new adventure she must destroy the aliens before they invade again! "The idea behind 'Unfinished Business' was to create an alternative ending to the game, where Lara would come face to face with an almost overwhelming horde of alien creatures defending the 'hub' of their territory...It is pitched as an 'expert' challenge, and is intended to be played as a continuation of the original game. A tangible form of alien architecture was created with logical locations and connections, so that the alert player could make informed decisions about where the goals of the levels lay. Transparencies were used everywhere to help generate this 'sense of place,' and of course to foreshadow future (and often deadly) confrontations!" -Philip Campbell


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