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About Lara

Name: Lara Croft

Date of Birth: 14/feb/1967

Place of Birth: England

Height: 5'7"

weight: 8 stone 11 lbs (123 lbs)

Figure: 38" Bust,22" Waist,34" Hips

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Discoveries: 1993-Lost Ark of the covenant
1996-The Atlantiean Scion
1997-Dagger of Xian

About Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 1 was AWESOME! it had everything a game needed,

Action, Exploration, Adventure, Problem solveing, and it was just down right hard! And the storyline was fantastic!!!

About Tomb Raider 2

The action was great, the adventure was cool, but it lact a good story line. In the first Tomb Raider the story was so good that you couldent stop playing, you had to know what happend next!

But Tr2 was a totally different story! It's like the game is cool, but I do not care what happens next. In the first Tomb Raider you knew why she was looking for the Scions, but in Tr2 it is like there is no reason for her to be looking for the Dagger and you don't know how she found out about it! It just pissed me off man!

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